Friday, July 6, 2018
Lift+HIIT 4 days a week= LIIFT 4

These workouts focus on weight lifting to build and one your muscles , while HIIT cardio help you burn fat and lose weight more quickly.

Only 4 workouts per week, Miranda, that is crazy pants...   IKR!!!!  That means weekends off and a break during the week! WOO HOO! What it actually means is it gives your muscles time to rest and rebuild.  This lets you push harder and do better on your next workout days.

It really is the perfect program for busy people!   Not only do you get 3 days off, all the videos are around 30-40 minutes. 

If you weren't already SUPER EXCITED , check out some of these results so far

What about the meal plan.... ok, so, I am going to sneak this one in on you... we can either do 2B Mindset Nutrition or use the one Joel created for this program.   I will tell you, I plan on doing a hybrid of both.   I will not use just my green container for my 3 count of veggies...  veggies are first and always bottomless for my meals.     
Here is the quick break down for LIIFT 4 Nutrition
  • uses the containers from Portion Fix
  • allows 1 cheat day every week
  • uses Beachbody performance line. 
  • you have 2 options in this program, build muscle or lose weight, there will be a guide for both. 
oh, and the most important part I KNOW you are on the edge of your seat for... drum roll.........    YES, ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED!!   PARENTS REJOICE , but it has to be on your cheat day, we can do this right? 

BUT MIRANDA, I don't have all that equipment.....          it's cool boo, we got you.  It comes with a band for the modifier and travel and otherwise you only need your living room and 3 sets of dumbbells.       

What can you expect from the workouts?

Phase 1 Build,  Phase 2 Shred  ( yea baby.. did you read that in Austin Powers voice? if not, go back, read it again) 

Also, for my fellow ADD'ers out there #tribe,  the videos are filmed new every day, so our complacent asses can't cheat the moves and half ass it or get bored.  HELL YEA. 

When does it release?

Flipping SOON yall!!! eeek.  we are down to the wire.   They are running a round of VIP access for those ready to do it NOW before it releases to the public in October.      My spots are filling up FAST.       

 Go on and fill out the application below and we will get you going so on July 16th you are ready!!!                                                                   I am freaking ready. 

Coming Soon: Lift, HIIT, Rest, Repeat With LIIFT4! Video:

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