Transformation Tuesday

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The biggest transformation happened when this person above, changed to this person below:

So, let's talk about Grace and why I had to have this shirt.  Here is my definition with explanation. In Feb 2006 someone pulled out in front of me. I did not have my seatbelt on.  The impact slammed me into the steering wheel and the rest was just a spinning, glass shattering blur.  I do remember the med flight ride ( would love to reconnect). I also knew it was bad. I was on the ER table being prepped, and like I said I knew through each strained gurgling breath that this was my fate. I hurt for my babies then 2 and 5, and I watched a troubled life with SO many mistakes flash before me. I then said a prayer for my babies and my family. What I did next was except whole heartedly that this life was done. And this girl who had not lived any where near a godly life, started a conversation with God.. I only had time to say one thing..., I didn't make deals, I didn't ask for forgiveness.  I simply said , I am sorry. I then told the nurse I was sleepy and she told me If I slept, I wouldn't wake up. I heard the machine flat line, saw the nurse slap a red button and scream they were losing me.  And they did, several times.  A ruptured heart, one failed lung, and the other collapsed, I lay in a coma. As the story goes, the family was called in several times but, I continued on.  Weeks later they brought me out of the coma and off the respirator.  I have since spent these years recovering.  GRACE IS THAT HE FORGAVE ME! Grace is that I get to raise my kids. Grace is that I met my soul mate. Grace is that God loved me then and loves me still! Grace is that I get to live a life, my life and I get to pay it forward!! 

13.1 and life

Thursday, June 2, 2016
So, what have I been up to?I have spent the past year getting my ducks in a row.Now, I at least have them all in the same pond.#yahearme  After putting on almost 20 pounds, I have been working hard to find balance. Adulting is hard folks, and the more you adult the harder it gets.So I let a lot of my good habits slide just trying to find that place between what I wanted to do and what I needed to do.12 pounds have slowly came back off and now that I feel like my (diet)food that I eat is getting better, I knew I needed to start working on other goals. Once I initially lost my 100 pounds, I found that extreme control was what I needed.
I liked the safety net of hard limits.I have been from weight watchers to the whole 30 and everywhere in between.Yet I always felt myself yo-yo'ing. Those 15 pounds just couldn't stay gone. So, like any good extremist I quit it all. I will do what I want.So I dove face first into fast food and no workouts.I ended up tearing all the tensions in one of my wrists, my allergies began to go thru the roof, extreme fatigue set it and I was just sick.Eventually I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.I went to a few doctors, and ended up being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. I took a round of meds and adjusted a few things in my diet and started to feel like a brand new person.Not back to the old me, but, getting there.Reading on chronic fatigue and allergy triggers I began to learn a lot about not only foods but other things that were going on in my body and it was likely due tothe things I was putting on it not in it. That led me to this company and these products

I can't say enough about the company or their mission!  Too excitin 

With all that being said,  I bit the bullet, and took an item from my bucket list and said, let's go!    I will be running the half in the 7 bridges marathon that will be in Chattanooga in October!   I have put myself on a progressive training plain and given myself plenty of room for grace!!   

First week of training in the books!! 

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