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Saturday, January 21, 2017
No matter your goals, finding more time, keeping a better house, losing weight or all of the above, the first thing to really comprehend is that we only have a limited amount of will power in a day.  Our brains literally get tired of making choices.  So, helping our brains by making choices ahead of time frees up space and energy for other things.   One of the things I like to do that sets us up for the week is to meal plan and then meal prep for the week.  I am currently working on this week's but here is a small look into what I did this past Monday that lasted us through the week.

Start by understanding how much you will need.  Since I follow the container system from Beachbody, I need 4 red containers of protein a day.  I take that into consideration, then work in Dana's containers, then add in a few more servings for the kids.  I kept this week pretty simple but ended up making a new recipe that will be in my rotations for sure, I looked forward to it every day this week.  

The proteins I purchased for this week were:

* Chicken tenders ( they are smaller, cook faster and are easier for portion control.  In a pinch you can still eat with fingers instead of cutting up! FAST FOOD!!)

* The leanest hamburger meat I can find where ever I shop.

* 0 Greek Yogurt

* Fat Free Cottage Cheese

* Shakeolgy counts as a red too but it is technically a superfood shake not just protein shake so it counts as extra veggies, vitamins, phytonutrients and my prebiotic and probiotics... so its a work horse staple for us.

I then think about veggies this week it was:

* left over bell peppers I had sliced up in baggies from the week before.

* Broccoli

Next is fruit:

* Frozen peaches ( frozen is better than canned)

* Honey Dew, green grapes, and Kiwi

* Strawberries

* Bananas , always bananas. ( we eat daily and then I cut in half and freeze some for our Shakeolgy shakes in the morning)

I purchased hummus , red pepper is my favorite, for snacks.  We also use the cottage cheese, yogurt and fruits for snacks.

Block about 1-3 hours off in your day,  as you go along you will get faster.  I think this took me about 2 hours by the time I cleaned up the kitchen.

I cut the oven on and while it was warming up the first thing I did grab a croc pot liner ( life saver) and prep our dinner that would also be lunches too.   When you do all this work you want your dinner to be easy!  

Orange Chicken and I already had some rice made in a container from this past week too.
 *chicken tenders
 *Sugar Free Orange Marmalade
 *3/4 sugar free BBQ Sauce

I cooked in crock pot on high for 3 hours.  I scooped out and divided into my containers and put over rice.  After everyone ate, I divided up the servings for lunches.

Once that was that was going, I prepped our chicken, prepped the broccoli and got those in the oven.

I then prepared our meat loaf that I ended up using the left over BBQ sauce on later in the week when it got a little dry, and it made it AMAZING!  In the meatloaf I used a 1/2 cup oats, peppers, onions,  and eggs.

I put it in the oven when the chicken and broccoli were finished and continued on with my prepping and cleaning.

I then prepped our fruits. Washing and cutting.  I also made my Mojito fruit salad which was the melon, kiwi and grapes mixed with mint.  I loved it too!

One of the nights I pulled out the lightly breaded chicken I had prepped and used it to make a healthy Chicken parmesan.  It consisted of low fat mozzarella slices, organic marinara sauce, and whole wheat noodles.  

The meatloaf was eaten with broccoli and small fingerling potatoes.

This left us with plenty of food for the week. I didn't eat out nor did I make any food choices that were off my plan.  I also had time in the afternoons to clean and do other stuff instead of getting home STARVING and snacking while I cook.


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