Saturday, August 25, 2012


Ok, lets start it off right, this is legit

I laughed so much... I'm still laughing.. I love this!

Ok, so I know I said I wasn't going to be a slacker, and I am. I admit it. I just get so tired when I actually have down time. And, now that we are doing 2 a days, i dont have much down time. :)

Oh and second import thing, head on over to Julie CRACKS me up. I love her last post. I love her. I am her stalker officially, I hope that make her feel warm and fuzzy, not goosebumby and creepy. She makes legit food that if i fix I gain 2 pounds cause I eat the whole thing. It is just that good. And I love her writing style, she is so easy to relate to!

So, I am getting my hair done today, going back to my natural color... not sure what it will look like all over, but I will post a pic later. I may also cut it. I SAID I wasnt gonna... but.. I think I might. I totally have ADD with my hair. I just cant let it be, but I think thats a good thing. Who wants the same hair for 30 years. Nawt fun.

I have one rant.... everyone look up the word MERGE.... write it 10 times and apply that sucka next time you are in a lane that doesn't have a YEILD sign. It is a novel concept. And an efficient one too. I swear I thought I could literally turn inside out yesterday morning on the way to work.

Now for my week in review.

We have completed cardio every morning and weights at night. My body has been a lovely shade of sore all week long!!! good for you though, right. :)

Let me fill you in on my week in review choc full of experiments and lessons learned.
Miranda idea.. lets try creatine. Yes, build muscle , I want want want. Oh, it causes bloat... no biggie, I can deal with a pound of water weight... 4 days in, 125..126...128.. 131, Holy shitballs batman...... not only did the scale show the water weight as promised, I was just a big puffy mess. And top it off, something officially has put a halt to my poop time. For realz. Oh, don't snear at me. If you are a healthy chic, you know you gots to have healthy poops. I as a default, poop no less than twice a day. The healthy kind that matches the pictures that says it's healthy. So, let's recap, 6 pounds of water weight, and a week and a half of no poop Buddha belly... Looks a little like this

Yep, that's me! Ugh.

And to top it off, I found a definite allergy. After my whole30 in July , I have tried things here and there to see what I can tolerate. Mostly all have been well. I am sensitive to sugar , love it, but it sends me right to crack alley for a fix. In light of working out, I decided to buy some natural whey protein. I had missed the protein , and it tasted good. I'm sure that added to a pound since I had upped my calories. But I started not feeling well, I was determined that the dog from previous house owners was killing my allergies. I went out and purchased meds because i was more than miserable, I even purchased ester c just trying to help my sinuses... I was dragging, stuffy and snotty....Man add that to bloated and full of shit and i know what you're thinking... Dana is one lucky man. Yea, its totally ok to be jealous, he knows what he's got. Ok, to move this along, yesterday i thought i would die if I didnt eat some greek yogurt. My belly was tolerating the whey i thought, didnt cramp or make me gassy... So lets do yogurt. Within moments of sitting at my table, I started sneezing back to back. My eyes got puffy, throat got itchy, and I was just miserable. I just thought, you know what, I have been fine all day, now I am home and this stinks. It has to be the dog. But as I sat and thought, I decided to google. We google around here ALOT. I mean, someone has got to be right, and its normally me. Google is the new age, heads or tails. Now, we just flip our search engine and bboooyyyyaaaahhh, I knew I knew what I was talking about. Anyway... I always assumed that dairy only caused belly troubles. Nope in fact it cause cause strong allergies. Sneezing, nasal swelling,blah blah blah... and if you are asthmatic it is worse. And I am. Come to find out, if you are lactose intolerant, then you have tummy troubles, and that is only an intolerant, not an allergy. Weeelllll goly be... I am allergic, to whey and casein. Holey protein balls. Sure nuff, today I have had no dairy of any sorts for any reason, and I have had no reason for an allergy tablet. I may have discovered the answer to my miseries. Seasonal allergies fine whatevs.... I mean what can you do. But I have been miserable for a long time on a daily basis. So, lets see what happens!! I'll keep you posted.

OOOOOHHHHHHH SNAP.... just when you thought I couldn't get any sessier........ thats right, this ninja has got major swag....

ok, so here is the final hair.. and it feels good

I love it.

Peace , Paleo love and bacon grease

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