Sunday, March 8, 2015

Being Opaque

So, sometimes we are bad to show only the good.   I obviously am one of the worst for it.  My blog was jamming when I thought I had it all together.  I had all the answers for you when I thought I had it all on track.   Then I fell off track.  Life happened.  Mostly for the good, but pre-teens at home can be stressful! One very good thing I achieved during all this life, is letting go of food phobias.  For years I was very strict.  I now am striving for balance, because even though i eat whatever I want these days, lets just say, even with portion control, certain foods are not skinny jeans friendly.  Not to mention that a whole JAR of natural peanut butter may be over achieving.   ( ok, not all in one day… 2 maybe..whatevs) at this point I know 50% of you are judging me and the other 50% are in total agreement, peanut butter really is our friend.

My point is, I failed all of you.  I started my blog to share my love of health and fitness, along with letting you know, whatever goals you seek are possible.  What I ended up doing is stopping and being opaque not transparent with my journey.  Only filtering in what I wanted you to see.  

The truth is I have some fantastic things going on and life honestly couldn't be more perfect-ish.  I have though recently struggled with my weight.  I have to find my balance and continue to work on my shift!   I have made great strides in the past couple of weeks and I feel like this week is going to be even better.  I won't have it all figured out this week, but like most others, I have got to reign this beast in by summer.  Last summer I went with the flow but I haven't been that uncomfortable in my skin in a long time.  It is truly more than vanity.  When you are uncomfortable that leads to not being confident.  Besides being able to get in my 4/6's,  I truly miss my confidence the most.  That lack of confidence spills over into everything, you day to day life, your feeling of self worth, your marriage, your job, even  your parenting skills.  Just having that one simple thing out of whack effects..affects…?(I looked up both words, I am still unsure)?? so much.      So, I am going to be working on it.  ( I hope to save up money for Chalene Johnson's confidence club!!)  #chalenejohnson    I love that fireball and all she stands for.  I already listen to her podcast ( CLICK HERE) on my way to work and she just EMPOWERS MY SOCKS OFF!!!  

I just hope through my very transparent journey this time that I continue to aspire and to help those that are on the same path.  The journey is yours to take but absorbing all you can is so helpful, and I did not have that kind of help.  Like minded people help you on this journey so much!!!  

ok, so here are my long term goals:

Lose 25 pounds
Get organized, in life and this MESSY HOUSE!!! :)
and work on better goals and continue to hit them
Help three people achieve financial freedom before June through Advocare

To do so first off I am going to do 1 round of P90X3 , I have never finished a DVD set work out in the history of forever …  so, this time, it is happening.  I owe to me and you!!    And once I get through it once, then my son has to do it with me!!!  He is just as ADD as me and will stop after one workout.
I am also doing my ADVOCARE SPRING CLEANING CLEANSE !!  I hope you join me, I always feel SOOOOOO much better and lighter after a cleanse.  Plus, it is good habit building.

As I wake up in the morning before I work out, I have always mindlessly searched pintrest.  I shall start working on goal setting and such.

I am not sure how often I am going to blog, I will strive to find what works for me and poll you guys as well.       Ok, so, you ready for this week too?  Leggo!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transformation Tuesday

What a difference 10 lbs makes, also a shift in body fat not just weight.

If you have been following me for a bit, you know that I have blogged (ranted) about gaining some weight back. I have also picked up momentum to change and then slowed down a few times in the past few months. We are all just human right? Sometimes we are winning... and sometimes we lose, I like to acknowledge that I have been successful in treading water. My chin is forever up, I will not fail at this. It as after all, (wait for it..big impactful phrase ahead) continuous improvement. That my friends is all we should ever strive for.

Since I am cross fitting and finding my paleo/primal grove-spot, I would like to start chronicling the changes made. As any good adventurer would!! We have to know what works and what doesn't right?

Speaking of Crossfit. Holyballs batman. These workouts KILL me, and we are just in the learning phase. These are scaled. BBWWAAA. I am telling you, you don't know how un-fit you are until you get out there. You can look all buff and sauve in the gym throwing some iron around. I got good form, I know my stuff, cept, don't watch me do a bent over fly, I get elvis lip, it is not sexy. You can find a cute matchy outfit and go for a run. sure. Why don't you try marching into a box. Shoot, I'm normally good to finish by the time the warm up and functional moves are done. Let me pop my collar and walk on out of here. No, then it is time for the actual WOD (work out of the day). Now, mind you I finished mine this morning...LAST (spit... get it.. makes me so mad I can spit) and I finished it in 7:40 seconds. Let me tell you what it was, sprint 100m and then do 10 squat thrusts

got this here:

yea, well I only had the bar... envious, I know. No rest through the run or the thrusts, and you do this 5x. First off, I rarely ever sweat. It has to be hot has double hockey sticks for me to actually perspire. I have made it through spin classes with little to no sweat. Today, bout 3 rounds in, I was drenched. It was running down my face. By that last round I wanted to die. Everything I had burned and was soaked. I was squat thrusting numb. I wasn't sure what body parts were doing what they should, until coach Amber no repped me. Yea... I said it with a pouty face. I hate to lose folks. A no rep is like a zonk behind door #2 when there is a car to be had. Now I had to do one more. Insert every explicit, but I finished. Red faced, heart racing, numblimbed, hawt sweaty mess. What the what man. Jeez. The thing about crossfit, is I can not do half of it. It just proves that we half ass all things fitness. I don't care if crossfit has become mainstream, people say it's a fad, they warn you about form and getting hurt. We get injured because we don't even know what real life functional movements are. Any body can do a bicep curl, but can you do a pull up? Hell, I can't even get myself out of a swimming pool. If there isn't a ladder I look like a gimpy walrus missing a flipper trying to beach myself cause I can't go on living. Yes folks, it is that kind of ugly.

I'm training for the zombie apocalypse here, I am going to survive. I love Crossfit because it ignites my inner drive to succeed. I didn't get to be an athlete when I was growing up, but by golly, watch me now. I am serious. This has flipped that switch that has been dormant since last year. I will be in the best shape EVER in my life by Christmas. It is my present to myself. On New Years, I won't need any resolutions. - love Miranda

Monday, June 24, 2013

crossfit crazy

Yes, it has been a while.  Summer is just summer. Yes, I know consistency is key. I try, I swear.   My goals, I am still working on those.  This is hard once you really sit down to put them in stone.  I do not want to be vague or go after the wrong one.  I will get there soon.  Are you working on any? Did my last post inspire you at all? I hope so, please leave me a comment if you are ahead of me and actually have some on paper.   

A few day to day things have happened since last time.  Dana and I seriously considered a whole30 to do together.  I chickened out the day before.  I know I need one, but it is so mentally exhausting. I also know you shouldn't attach negative thoughts to something you want, however, to stay within whole30 guidelines you have to be vigilant 24/7 about ev-a-rey-thang that you buy and consume.  I get it, that it should be that way always.  I just can't be that person right now.  Artificial sweetener is my issue. I have a dadgum problem. I am absolutely not ready to give it up again.  Does it help me? Not too much. Does it hurt me? Prolly more that I will ever know.  Can I just stop? Heck no.  I feel like one of those crazed people on AE.  Just give me one more coffee with splenda, then I will go to rehab.  I was/have been using stevia for the past year or so.  I fell off that wagon about a week or so ago.  Any one have words of advice? 

We went for a short, short, s-h-o-r-t vacay

No pictures of us.  Well there are a few on Dana's phone from a late night dinner.  I had one stinking margarita and those pics all look like I had 12.  I pleaded my case that I was fine, but I don' think I was!  Maybe I will post one next blog and you can tell me what you think. smeh.

We also ran in another 5k.  I thought I killed it with no practice.  I finished in 37 something.  He finished in 27 something..he can run better than me..nawt fair! 

Ok, before I go, I started my ONRAMP class for crossfit.  Holy crossfit balls.  If you want to know how flipping out of shape you are, attend a crossfit class.  I am a weenie. I hurt so bad after 2 days back to back I thought I was going to do.  Dana actually came upstairs on Saturday at 9:30 b/c I was still in the bed. It hurt too bad to even think about walking downstairs.   I am going to try to run some in between classes to get my times down. We will see how that goes. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Continous Improvment

At work we start our meetings with safety and value moments.  Last month Mike delivered a value moment that really STUCK.   Not only could I relate to it on a work level, I immediately knew that I could apply this to my weight loss journey, or any journey, and so can you.  The value is Continuous Improvement - an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes.  He laid out three bullet points:
·         We set high standards and goals based on external benchmarks
·         We are self-critical. We improve and seek new ideas
·         We investigate and solve problems. We learn from our mistakes.
Now the thing is, in my personal life, I do all three of those.  My initial thought to myself was that even though I follow through with these actions almost daily, do I do it from the right perspective.
We set high standards and goals based on external benchmarks

I do set high standards, usually always someone else’s standards, and they are normally very high.  You know, the whole, I compare someone’s highlight reel to my behind the scenes stuff.  I don’t even really know what my standards are.  We have those “external benchmarks” in the forms of magazines and whacked out tumblr pics.  I mean, c’mon, I know some of that is possible, but what exactly is your dedication level.  You defiantly aren’t pushing play on a Jillian Michael’s 25 minute DVD and then lounging by the pool for the rest of the day.  Not to mention that most of those pics are airbrushed and photo shopped.  What does an honest healthy woman really look like? Me? Am I really there?  Am I chasing a white rabbit? There is always room to improve, that’s bullet two, there are always goals, but what really are MY goals, not your goals? What are my mighty standards?   These will defiantly come in another post.  I really have to dig for these.   I suggest you do too.  I believe we should start a movement that is all ours not based on pictures or a ridiculous twit that weighs 95 pounds and promotes a product that they don’t even use.  
We are self-critical. We improve and seek new ideas
Oh, boy, self-critical, are we ever.  Nothing is as detrimental to my whole self, day, or any poor soul within earshot of me in the mornings in my full body mirror when I am getting ready.  I actually had one of those mornings this morning.  I get onto my children for lesser words than the ones I spew out to myself.  It is a bad habit that I desperately need to work on.   We do seek to improve and new ideas, but do we really do it the right way?  Does it really come from the right place?  We all have a bottom line, and it’s usually simply to just look better.  When do we ever just absorb information for healthier foods or better workouts for healthier bodies? Seldom.  If it isn’t the fast track to Bethany Frankel skinny, well, we don’t want it.  When did we become so shallow, when did I become so shallow?  I think I need to mull this over too, incorporate this into my goals and standards. We investigate and solve problems.
We learn from our mistakes
Do we REALLY learn from them when it comes to health and weight loss? No! Otherwise there wouldn’t be fad diets or yo-yo dieting.  Mike said in his value moment that he tells employees that he trains “Don’t worry about making mistakes, just learn from them and don’t repeat them.”  Is that not golden?  Did we already know that? You betcha! Do we ever apply it? Hell naw.  If we did, we wouldn’t even believe in “diets” or quick fixes.  This too my grasshopper is something we will have to learn to apply to the previous points at hand.
We need to consciously focus on continuous improvement. Can we see improvement, if so how did we do it, if not why didn’t we do it? I could sure use a dose of; I didn’t make it very far in my goals because I didn’t really apply myself. With that being said, I think that further cements the exercise of re-evaluating my goals.
Personally, I think any improvement, big or small is all credible as long as it is continuous.  I think at this point in my journey, it is the base of what I strive for in health, parenting, my marriage and my job.

Monday, June 10, 2013

It's Monday? Again

UHG!!!! Monday clear slapped me upside my noggin. I have struggled to get through this day. I declare an early bed time for me tonight. PERIOD. My sinuses are funky, my ear is poppin, I am sore from my little pretend cross fit workout

yea, it looks innocent. We got through 4 rounds on Friday morning. I am still feeling it in my quads. So, in 20 minutes, I completed 60 pushups, 100 sit ups (puke) and 140 squats. Cross fit is going to kill me.

My weekend was low key, as it normally is. I went for my last tattoo session and love the outcome, shout out to Shane @ evermore galleries.

Awesome yea? I think so. I love it.

Other than that we cooked some, and sat around some! :) Brain rot time with Breaking Bad.

Here is my upgraded coffee. I haven't tried his bulletproof recipe yet, but may in the morning. The coffee tastes really good and grinding your own is divine in and of itself.

Next, I moved on to a Pinterest idea

Frozen herbs in olive oil for quick cooking and something to do with your fresh herbs. Thats mah very own rosemary. I LOVE THAT STUFF. Then you just do this

I also did the same thing with my basil and oregano.

Next, I "whuped" up my own mayo. I have always made mine in my food processor. Except, I have a new one, that only has one speed, THE SPEED OF LIGHT. (I lost my other one to a fatal almond butter experience.) So, my new one beats the ever-loving crap out of anything. So you end up with either olive oily rubber, or just liquid gold. So, not to be defeated and to ensure that mah babycakes got his tater salad, I was gonna make mayo come hell or high processor.

I got brave, and made my own, BY HAND. gasp. thats right, no help here I tell ya. I might as well be barefoot and pregnant. Just know in the face of the zombie apocalypse we shall have tater salad. And my paleo ranch cause its awesome too.

You start here and you whup and you whup and you swap hands and you whup some more. Then you get this


I did it all for that man right there.....

- love Miranda